Cycling Pulse has partnered with British brand, Brompton, on a series of social content designed to showcase what it’s like to live with one of their iconic folding bikes as a committed road cyclist.

The Brief

The Brompton folding bicycle is an icon of British design and engineering. Loved by people the world over for its robustness, simplicity and British heritage, the bike is renowned as the best way to get from A to B on two wheels under your own power. With its well established use as a commuting machine, Brompton partnered with Cycling Pulse to reach the segment of cyclists who may not be as familiar with the joys of a Brompton: road cyclists.

Cycling Pulse set out to bring the Brompton to life among road cyclists by creating a series of content designed for social media.

The team created a longer form (10 minutes) video titled ‘Living with a Brompton: What’s a folding bike really like?’ with the aim of showing how easily a Brompton can be integrated into the cycling life of an obsessed road cyclist who can usually be found grinding out hundreds of miles a week on their race bike. The video explores the clear advantages of the Brompton as a means of commuting, its use as a tool to get additional training miles in during the week as well as insights into the benefits of Brompton ownership from long-time Brompton owners.

Living with a Brompton: What's a folding bike REALLY like?

The Brompton is the most iconic folding bike around but what's it like to live with one as an obessed road cyclist?

Posted by Cycling Pulse on Wednesday, 21 November 2018


In addition, to bring to life the bike’s famous ‘unfold’, the Cycling Pulse team created a series of Instagram Stories taking viewers through the process. Called ‘How to unfold a Brompton’, the Stories invited users to tap to unlock the next step of the unfold process. Designed to engage cyclists with the Brompton in a fun and entertaining way, the Stories were the perfect medium to demystify the unfold process for viewers.


The content was published on Cycling Pulse’s Facebook page (360,000 followers), YouTube channel (16,000 subscribers) and Instagram page (115,000 followers).

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