In today’s environment of greatly reduced organic reach on the key social platforms, growing social followings can be a real challenge. Rewind just two years ago and the likes of Facebook and Instagram gave all accounts – including brands – the opportunity to take advantage of favourable algorithms to achieve significant follower growth in short periods of time.

The landscape has now changed, of course. For better or worse, brands must now adapt to the new rules of engagement in order to grow their followings on social media. The payoff remains unchanged however – the ability to communicate your messages and points of difference to a captive – and growing – community to build awareness and serve as a valuable entry point for people seeking to learn more about your products or services. A well-executed social strategy should form a key part of every brand’s wider content strategy.


Naturally, all brands want growth but how do you achieve it? First and foremost, it’s critical to ensure your content is hitting the mark. Is it high quality? Is it targeted to your customers? Is it meaningful? All of this matters, so make sure yours is as good as it should be.

But what about those activities that turbocharge growth? That’s where having an extensive network of owned channels on the key social platforms comes in.

Set out below are three case studies from activations we’ve worked on for cycling brands. Each part of a wider social or digital marketing project, the objective in relation to these activations is to significantly increase follower growth on our clients’ Instagram and Facebook accounts. But these aren’t fake followers, bought from a shady bot farm. These are all highly engaged cyclists we’ve encouraged to join our clients’ community to find out more about the brand and start engaging. All organic, nothing paid, nothing dodgy.

That’s thousands of new prospective customers now discovering the brand – perhaps for the very first time – and consuming all that high quality, engaging new content published by the brand.

Cycling brand #1

6,300 new followers on Instagram in 3 weeks




Cycling brand #2

5,800 new Instagram followers in 6 weeks

Cycling brand #3

4,600 new Instagram followers in 3 months




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This article originally appeared on freeride – our digital agency for cycling and endurance sports brands.