Print circulation continues its steady decline, digital display ads aren’t working as well as they used to and the Internet is saturated with content. But it’s not all bad news! While the demise of traditional advertising continues, from the ashes rises the online marketer’s phoenix: social video.

As the most popular social network in the world, 1.37 billion people log on to Facebook daily. Over 500 million people watch videos on the platform every day and 84% of viewers are watching those videos on their smartphone. The stats speak for themselves when it comes to the importance of embracing social platforms like Facebook as a core part of any successful marketing strategy. Simply put, it’s no longer an option for brands to ignore the power of social video.

After all, 76.5% of marketers and SMB owners are seeing results with video marketing and 64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month.

As with all the best things, successful social video campaigns take work. It’s not as simple as re-formatting a display ad into video form or posting a long-form video from other channels on to the platform. The key is to produce socially tailored, mobile-friendly content that is relatable, emotive and informative. According to a recent survey, consumers are most likely to like and share ‘behind-the-scenes videos, funny videos, educational videos and emotional videos’. Knowing what time of day most people are watching video on Facebook, optimal video length and that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound are all key components to realising a successful branded social video campaign.

While transparent performance data and detailed insights are a major issue in print and digital display, the same doesn’t apply here. Social insights don’t just allow us to see how many people have viewed our content but also allow us to determine what happens to those viewers: Did they watch the full video? Did they enjoy it? Did they share it? This depth of insight is powerful, giving brands the ability to measure the return on their investment far more accurately than traditional marketing channels.

But how do we involve more viewers in that content? Views and engagement are the king and queen of video performance data and in order to boost those numbers we must understand the importance of the ‘shareability factor’. Creating a shareable piece of content not only determines the number of views and engagements achieved, but also the long-term value of those views and engagements. Publisher-brand partnerships allow brands to access the undeniable power of ‘influencer marketing’, a much sought after commodity in 2018. Publishers have a voice and an audience, enabling an influence that consumers engage with in an entirely different way to direct brand communication.

An example of how to harness the power of brand meets publisher can be found with a recent social video campaign undertaken by the team at Cycling Pulse. ShokBox, a new and innovative bike case company, needed two things: pre-sales of their bike case and increased brand awareness.

We created a social video in partnership with the brand (critically, in the Cycling Pulse tone of voice) and used our bank of insights to determine the optimum time to publish it. Within 48 hours the video generated 120,000 views and 5,000 engagements, including 528 shares. Using the power of Facebook marketing tools, the campaign directly generated sales of £7,500. The company’s founder was “amazed” by the results.

ShokBox Bike Case

The new ShokBox® is awesome! ?

Posted by Cycling Pulse on Sunday, 19 November 2017

Let’s not fear the demise of print and digital display: social video’s got it covered.